Infantry Spots filled?
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    Infantry Spots filled?

    So when entered the DEP program on valentines day of this year they had me pick 3 jobs and my 3 were:
    1. Infantry
    2. Motor Transport
    3. Coms
    I was pretty sure I was going to get infantry because well... its infantry. I know its a pretty high selected job especially in the marine core but I still figured id get it easily.
    So word comes back and there is "No infantry spots left" so they gave me MT and my ship date was August 28th. Well I told them I was going to wait for an Infantry spot to open up and the head recruiter told me there definitely wasn't going to be another spot open for the next couple of months so my ship date would be pushed back and id have an open contract until a spot opened and if one didn't by February id have to take another job or need to re DEP in. He also said he didn't know if there was going to be openings after those 2 months because the spots would go to people who have been in the DEP program longer than me. Makes a little sense I guess but I just wanted to know if there really is a shortage of infantry spots and if it isn't true then should I go see another recruiter.

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    To start, lets correct some spelling. It's Marine Corps, not "marine core." Note the caps and the spelling of Corps. Marine and Marine Corps are always capitalized.

    This being August, it is highly likely there are no infantry slots left anywhere. Infantry is a very popular MOS choice. Changing recruiters will not affect that fact. New MOS allocations come out from Headquarters, Marine Corps in October with the beginning of the new federal fiscal year. Recruiters don't have any say in these allocations.

    You can refuse to ship until you get an infantry slot, but the recruiter is correct in saying any new infantry slots would go first to people with more time in DEP than you. Remember, you chose Motor T and Comm as your alternate choices. The Marine Corps does everything for the good of the Corps, not the good of a recruit. If you get your number one pick, bonus.

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