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    MOS issues

    Hi I'm currently a Poolee and have been in the DEP since the beginning of this year. I ship out on August 28 and still haven't picked my job because it's not available right now (intel) but I'm getting pressured to part ways with that option and try something else. I have been offered a 5K bonus to sign Comms but I'm not sure how I feel about that. The head of the recruiting office told me if I decide to stick with my guns I will have to be moved to October to keep looking for that intel job. He has pressured me as well as my recruiter to do something else. I'm stuck in a back and forth problem not knowing what to do. Thank you to anyone who responds back

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    If you truly want Intel, you can hold out for it. The wait sucks, but unless you don't mind doing something else, then you'll have to wait. Waiting is really annoying, but it should be worth it if you get it.

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    Intel is exactly what I wanted and to be honest my recruiter convinced me to go Comms. A spot just opened three days ago btw and if you already took the DLAB then you should talk to your recruiter and hurry his ass up to sign you in. You're in charge of your own career in the Marine Corps and if your occupational field of choice is what it is now, then there shouldn't be a reason in the world why you should change your mind. Unless you find yourself with an ultimate reason and you find knowledge to think otherwise.

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    I am having an issue similar to that. i scored high enough on the asvab for recon and i feel i am decently fit enough and mentally strong enough (hopefully) to make it through and get selected. my ship out date got moved as of right now to three months later than what it was and i still haven't gotten the contract back from meps with a confirmation. I think it may have something to do with the security clearance but i really am not forsure.

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