Marine Corps Merchandise Questions
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    Question Marine Corps Merchandise Questions

    Well my name is William and I'm 15 as of writing this, my older brother is in the Corps and I will be enlisting as soon as I graduate, in the mean time I'm a cadet at my local high school's "NJROTC". I was wondering if civilians; like myself, are allowed to wear marine corps PT clothing. By that I mean like the marine corps running jacket and other athletic merchandise sold at the MCX. My brother left behind some USMC athletic crew necks and I just wanted to know the regulations or standards for civilians wearing Marine Corps workout clothing and if I'd be able to wear them for athletic purposes, I much appreciate it; thank you and oorah

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    Don't know if there are any laws prohibiting it. But, you shouldn't be wearing any official USMC gear until you've earned the title first (that's a form of fraud).

    You can find plenty of unofficial PT gear here if you can get your parents to order it for you:

    Good luck.

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    Listen to Top.

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