Signals Intel/ EW mos 2629 information
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    Signals Intel/ EW mos 2629 information

    Hey guys, So i have a question about Signals intel (2629). Generally speaking, how is the schooling in Penescola, Florida? Also, how is the MOS compared to other intel jobs? I noticed that this particular MOS school is in a different location than the rest of intel and I was curious to why. I leave for boot camp in a week and just signed my contract for my MOS. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and experiences with this MOS!

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    I have no idea exactly what 2629 does. I was a 2571, now it is called 2621, Morse Code Intercept Operator. I can tell you right now, you will love Pensacola, white sand beaches, nice town, nice base, nothing to not like. That does not answer your question, but remember it is cryptology, so you will not get as much info as you would if some of these things were not classified as to details. But rest assured, there are few places you could go in the military that you would care for as much as Pensacola. When I went thru, the school was 24 weeks long. I wouldn't have minded if it had been 24 months. Good luck.

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