need help with picking my MOS
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    need help with picking my MOS

    So i am new to this site and all so i hope i'm doing this right. I have decided i want to be a supply admin and am was told i qualify but i must pick two other jobs i don't know what is similar.

    thank you and if i did this wrong let me know

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    I'm a Poolee so much advice from me, you're getting from answers I got from my recruiter, research I have done with Leatherneck and other sites.

    If you're being allowed to pick your Job, then I am guessing you are in the reserves and can pick straight available MOS's. I don't know your asvab score but if you're limited on MOS's being in the reserves will only limit you further because they only open some MOS's to reserves not all. In the end though I would say go talk to your recruiter and ask what MOS's are open right now. If you can get a copy of the list then stick it right up this post and a Marine more qualified than the knowledge of a Poolee will set you to an illuminated path. If you're okay with waiting as long as you are not 26 or 27 then I'd say wait your fat *** down for your spot to open. Just don't sign anything as an open contract. Make sure your MOS of choice is there with your shipping date.

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