Active Duty Reenlistment Pending EOS coming up do I need to extend in IRR? HELP
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    Active Duty Reenlistment Pending EOS coming up do I need to extend in IRR? HELP

    Good Afternoon;

    There has been allot of confusion with my Active Duty Reenlistment. It has been submitted and is working it's way up to HQ... But My EOS is coming up so I put in for an IRR extension. Will this effect my Active Duty Reenlistment from going through? Do I need to extend IRR so I don't fall of contract? Or will the Active Duty Reenlistment that is being processed keep me on the contract?

    R/s John Davis

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    Hey, Sgt Davis - I'm still not clear, are you on a Reserve contract but serving IAD (or whatever they call it now), or straight up active waiting for reenlistment to get approved?

    Either way, though, I'm thinking your First Sgt (maybe career jammer) would be the Marine to go to. I don't have a clue what the answer is, myself, but if you have orders to active duty on top of a Reserve contract, I'm guessing you need to keep them both processed separately.

    If if your base contract expired while you were on other orders, I think that would mess things up a lot.

    But talk to your senior enlisted leadership and get them involved, is my advice.

    Keep us posted, brother!

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