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    Hi I am a collegiate athlete and am planning on joining after college. I plan to become an officer because it puts me in a leadership role. I also am wondering if an officer can join MARSOC. I hope to join MARSOC for the same reason I want to become a Marine, to be the best. General info would be great.

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    MARSOC has officers. If your aspirations are to be a career MARSOC operator, enlisted would be a better bet. The way the officer/enlisted split works in the SF community, enlisted guys can spend their entire career on a team, officers eventually get promoted out of it. Not to doubt you, but considering the astronomically small amount of people who are capable of making it into MARSOC, I think keeping it as a goal is a good idea, but you should look more globally at whether or not you will be happy being something other than MARSOC, which statistically is likely to be the case.


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    Visit their website for more intel.

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    Of course officers can join MARSOC. The one thing to keep in mind is MARSOC only takes Captains but will make an exception for senior 1st Lt's. So do your time wherever that may be until you move up in rank and then ask yourself if you still want to make the commitment to try and go for MARSOC.

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