Lat-Move in Reserves
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    Lat-Move in Reserves

    Looking to find out if anyone has lat-moved in the reserves and what the process was like. I am a non-obligator if that makes a difference so...
    I posted a while ago about wanting to go back active and have been pushed around and denied by almost every branch since then so I'm looking at doing something different for the time being and hopefully in the near future openings will be made to getting back in easier, (NOT TO GET INTO POLITICS WITH ANYONE).

    I'm a 3521 and the plan if active duty fails is to go Recon in the reserves but I first would like to go 0311 to get a better experience of that side of the house.

    1. Just want to know if anyone has lat-moved in the reserves to hear first hand what the process was like.
    2. Any Recon Reservists out there who would share their story.

    You may be asking why go through the trouble so here it is if your wondering,
    Since I'm in the Reserves I want to make the best out of it and since it sounds like Infantry Reservists actually do stuff compared to what I do now as Motor T like train and even deploy, I want in. Secondly I don't want to go IMA or AR for the time being because I DO want to go Recon in the future and don't want to lock into something and have to either wait on Recon or worse, miss an AD opportunity if it came up.

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    Was on the Inspector-Instructor Staff here for Delta Company, 4th Combat Engineer Battalion, 4thMarDiv, USMCR for 3 years. Never saw it happen - but that doesn't mean it can't.

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    Thanks for the reply Top, was hoping for "yeah I saw that all of the time" but you cant win them all.

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