Rifle preparation
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    Rifle preparation

    Hello, I am planning on joining the Marines in June and I want to be as prepared as possible mentally, physically and everything. Should I do anything to prepare for taking apart the rifle and putting it back together? On another note to how did you deal with people not wanting you to go because they love you?

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    Don't worry about the rifle business. They will teach you everything you need to know, and teach you the Marine Corps way. It isn't rocket science.

    Your recruiter should provide you with study materials once you become a Poolee. These will include the basic "knowledge" a recruit is expected to know.

    Other than that, keep working out physically, stay away from alcohol and drugs, don't make anyone pregnant, and don't break the law.

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    ^Picture perfect advice. If you are a gun nerd, it doesn't hurt to learn about the M16/AR15 and how it works, there are plenty of great youtube videos out there on it. I don't think it will put you at an advantage. I had never shot prior to boot camp and qualified no problem. I ended up LATER qualifying as an expert 4 or 5 times. Plenty of brand new shooters shoot expert in boot camp, plenty of experienced shooters (though usually not properly trained experienced shooters) shoot like crap.

    The easiest way to make boot camp easier is to get in good physical shape, run regularly, do lots of calisthenics, etc. Your recruiters should be able to help you come up with workouts that won't hurt you.

    There are also some things that learning now will be helpful to your time in boot camp. Marine Corps rank structure and general orders for example. As Zulu said, your recruiter should give you a packet with all this info. When I went to boot camp, I'd say 50% of the people knew this stuff, the other half jumped in eyes closed. It was definitely helpful when being screamed at about what X general order is to instantly know it. The yelling stops and they move on.

    Oh, if you are terrified of swimming and the water, I'd take some swim lessons at the local pool. There is plenty of opportunity to learn in Boot, and you WILL learn, but I felt for the guys who were terrified of the water learning to swim for the first time in boot camp.


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    All good advice above.

    When you join in June, you'll be placed in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) and assigned a ship date to bootcamp (which is subject to change multiple times). While in the DEP, you'll be required to attend scheduled functions like organized physical training (PT). Your recruiters are responsible to prepare you for bootcamp, both physically and mentally. Apply yourself, do as you're told, and you'll have no problems.

    Talk to your recruiter about your second question. They are trained, and have experience, in dealing with reluctant loved ones/family members (they see it all the time).

    Good luck.

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    Don't put your career in anyone else's hands but yours especially your recruiters. No doubt they can help out and do play an important role but one of the best things my Sgt told me in the Fleet was "Nobody cares more about your career than you do" so with that being said take the initiative and grab your career by the horns!
    As far as Boot in general, don't worry about pre-training so to speak. They will take care of everything so enjoy it, you will look back laugh.
    With the loved ones not wanting you to go, they will adjust. Keeping them informed is probably the best thing you could do, best of luck. Semper Fidelis and Semper Gumby!

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