Camp Garcia Marines 04/1971 to 07/1971
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    Camp Garcia Marines 04/1971 to 07/1971

    Looking for temporary duty Marines stationed at Camp Garcia, PR during the above timeframe. I need a witness to the accident that resulted in me being run over by a jeep on July 31, 1971.

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    I was there in 71 worked mostly in the motor pool setting up a parts room . I do not remember a accident with a jeep but . Sounds like it was not one of the Camps Jeeps . I think we had one the Col. most were dodge trucks and a old dump truck maybe the MPs or EOD had a jeep. Do you know what you were exposed having been on that base and island ?? The base was closed after the locals protests . I guess the cancer rate of people on the island was 27 times higher then the rest of P.r. We lander at the air field and the c130 ripped up the matting so no planes land there while I was there . We had to get the boat to ROOSEVELT ROADS . . I would like to talk to anyone ever stationed on that island and Camp why it was not included in the PACT act is unclear . I have written congressmen and senators and no one is answering . I figured everyone that served there is dead . You know nerve agent simulations were done on that base . If your not in the toxic exposure registry . Get in it you were not only exposed to pesticides , heavy metals and agent orange but every thing other than a nuke. The problem I am finding is no one seems to know about the base except the EPA and the Navy .

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    Camp Garcia

    I would like to know about anyone Marine , Navy or other people that spent their 6 mos. TAD to Camp Garcia , Vieques PR. We have a lot to talk about .
    Thank You

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