Hello Everyone,

It's been an extremely long time since I last posted on here, and I hope everyone is doing well. Just to give you a little update on how things are going.

Currently, I have begun my application process for the OCS PLC combined this summer. Met with the OSO this morning and discussed our options.Best news, I have absolutely no waivers and I'm completely in the clear. Physically I am in good standing and I am still preparing. We discussed the issue of an Air Contract.

I understand that in order to obtain an Air Contract, I must meet the medical(which i have since I've completed a DODMERB and was rated fully qualified) and I must pass the ATSB. Now from what I've heard, the ATSB is extremely difficult to pass, and can only be retaken 3 months after the last test should i fail.

I am planning on taking it in January to meet the OCS board deadline in March with an Air Contract. I know there are some aviators on this forum, and I just want to know if anyone out there has any recommendations for preparing for the test and any pointers to look out for on it.

I have a little bit of a background in aviation, but probably not enough for this test, hence the reason why i'm studying for the test and looking for the best resources.

If anything comes up or if any new updates come in, ill be sure to post them on this thread

Thanks and Have a nice day

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