Moment Of Truth? Is it too late?
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    Moment Of Truth? Is it too late?

    So i enlisted earlier this Year into DEP in august. I told my Recruiter about 3 traffic tickets i got when i was 16 for being irresponsible, all three were dropped in court with no backlash at all. He just crossed of that portion of the form and said don't worry about it. I went to Meps and they said to mention any involvement with police. I didnt mention it and now im worried to get fraudulent enlistment. I still have a few months before i ship out. Is there anyway i can amend my mistake? i was too excited to enlist and just did what my recruiter told me. what if i confess at meps the day before i ship? any advice can help, thank you.

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    Dude, your tickets were dropped meaning you were found not guilty. Only convictions count.

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    yes silveradomick is correct, so you're good to go.

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