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    Brother from across the pond


    unsure whether or not this is the right place to post but here goes.

    Im a serving Royal Air Force Sgt who served with MACG38 in 2013.

    I worked as an assistant to the Tactical Air director controlling aviation assets around RCSW, In support of HERRICK/ENDURINH FREEDOM. I must say, working with a group of professional and dedicated warfighters, men and women of the USMC was an honour and a privelige. With memories that will stay with me for life.

    Anyway, my question is;

    at the end of my tour in the COC I was presented with a USMC certificate of commendation from the commandant. At the point I was awarded I was too humbled and grateful to fully understand what I received and to this day do not understand fully the weight or meaning of the certificate.

    Is there anyone around who could explain this to me? I'd love to be able to speak about it with some conviction when asked by friend, family and my fellow airmen.

    thanks in advance.


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    In general, the unit that you were assisting gave you an official congratulations by presenting you with the Cert Comm. You should still be proud of that certificate, because not everyone gets a chance to earn one, or even serve next to U.S. Marines in combat. Most of the time the Cert Comm's have an explanation as to why you received it when it is presented. Just sit back, have a beer, reflect on your actions, and the reason will come to mind. If not, then you could always try and reach out to someone that you got close to in the unit. Cheers!

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