Trying to ship as Active 03 but currently DEP'd in as reservist 0331
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    Trying to ship as Active 03 but currently DEP'd in as reservist 0331

    Hello Marines,

    I swore in to the Marine Corps back in June (it is now October) as a reservist to go 0331 on May 8th of 2017. I chose the reserve route so I could stay in school and finish my degree (second year college student). However I have had enough of school and want nothing more than to go active duty in the infantry. I have been told by many that it is next to impossible to go active once you've already gone to bootcamp as a reservist. I was told in order to go active I would need to find a reservist to take my place. Is this true? Is that ALL I have to do? I was also told I could discharge and re-DEP in and go active. I'm not sure what the best option is so any advice, suggestion, or insight is more than appreciated. Thank you for your time in reading this, God bless and semper fi.

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    That reserve 0331 contract you got was because that unit had a vacancy - and you filled it for them. If they let you out of the contract, they'll be right back where they were before with a vacancy. That's why, they may let you out of the contract if you can find another qualified body to take your place (they don't have to do that if they don't want to). This also explains why it's next to impossible to go active once you've already gone through bootcamp (you're that much closer to filling their vacant position and they want you there).

    Yes, a poolee can drop out of their DEP and start all over again. However, you'll have to write a letter to the Recruiting District's Commanding Officer, explaining your reasons, and request to be discharged. This is a gamble and may-or-may not pay off for you. Remember, your recruiter worked hard to get you what you wanted in the first place. Now, you're asking them to throw all that hard work away, and start all over again. Naturally, they're going to wonder how many more times you'll change your mind, and just how committed you are to being a Marine. Since you're starting from square one, you may find there are no infantry contracts available - reserve or active duty. So, be careful what you ask for.

    You will have to sit down with your recruiter and go over your options. They will know, from experience, how the District CO looks at poolees dropping out of the DEP. My niece dropped out of her DEP, because her highschool boyfriend did not want her leaving town. After they broke up (which we all new would happen), her CO let her rejoin the DEP. However, since she started from scratch, she lost her intelligence contract, and was given a ground utilities (electrician) contract instead - there was no other choice. If you do re-DEP in and go active, you could find yourself in the same situation (basically open contract with no say in what you get).

    Let us know what your recruiter says. Good luck.

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    Thank you for your time master sergeant. I have been left with two options sir. I have a body to take my place so I can go active and go infantry as well seeing as the jobs are available. The other option is to stay reserve and leave in December instead, then come back and go into the PLC program, and while finishing my degree get to become an officer. Only worry I have about option 2 is that the only type of officer I could see my self enjoying, would be an infantry officer. This position is not guaranteed correct? What are the odds of me getting the infantry officer selection? There are ground contracts available it's just I don't want to commit to the officer program and then come time to accept commission and my job not want it because it's not infantry officer. As of right now I am leaning towards the active duty route first and then if I do decide I would like to go officer that option will still be available to me after my first enlistment as long as I go back and finish my degree. Thoughts and insight on that sir? Thank you again for your time Marine.

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    With the exception of Aviation and Law, MOS selection as an officer is a competition. Your performance at TBS, coupled with the needs of the Corps and the Captain staff's opinion of you as an officer, will dictate what MOS is awarded to you. You will fill out a dream sheet ranking each available MOS in the middle of TBS, and some time around month 5 you will be assigned your job.

    Some companies will have a huge allocation for infantry, while others will not. Keep in mind that being awarded the 0302 MOS only guarantees you a spot at IOC. The attrition rate varies class to class, but usually hovers around 20-25%.

    I can only speak a little bit on the enlisted to commissioned pathway, but I can tell you that it is not automatic. The selection process for civilians is extremely competitive, and for enlisted Marines it is no different. I can tell you that the dedication of time required to go through a 4-year enlistment, pursue a spot at OCS, complete OCS, TBS, and your MOS school, may put you at a different time in your life than you are at now. If you want to gamble on that, that is your choice.

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