28 y/o Female Potential Reserves
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    28 y/o Female Potential Reserves

    Hello and thanks in advance for any insight.

    I turn 29 in February and I understand that I cannot reach my 29th before I enlist.

    Couple questions:

    I work full time and go to school full time- can I enlist now and participate in the DEP and not go to training til next fall once I finish that semester of classes?

    Boot camp is 12 weeks-got it- I am in school for intelligence studies so that is where I would like to be used in the marines as well. It says after boot camp I get 10 days leave before being sent to my MOS school. Anyone know how long the Intel school is?

    I welcome any insight from female marines especially those who joined later. I'll also be using the "in between" time to get in shape for boot camp. I'm a little nervous about talking to a recruiter because of the horror stories with lies. I just need straight up info so I can make decisions.

    Thanks everyone.

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    You have no choice but to go and talk to a recruiter (there are none here to answer your questions). Your clock is quickly running out so sooner the better in your case. One thing you'll realize early on, nothing in the Marine Corps happens quickly so you have no time to waste.

    Bootcamp is actually 13 weeks (one week of processing, and twelve weeks of training).

    After 10 days bootcamp leave, there is 29 days of Marine Combat Training (MCT) at Camp Geiger, NC. After completing MCT, you then move onto MOS School. There is not just one Intel School and they all last various lengths of time. Which school you end up in will depend on which Intel MOS you're assigned.

    As a reservist, you'll be contracted to fill a vacant spot at your nearest reserve unit. That may-or-may-not be an intel job. Your recruiter will know which jobs your reserve unit needs. Remember too, any MOS you qualify for will be based on your ASVAB scores. Your recruiter can give you a practice ASVAB test to give you an idea if you'll score high enough for the intel field.

    There are no strings attached to talking with a recruiter and you are not under any obligations. If you're serious about this decision, you need to make an appointment to talk to one today (get the ball rolling just in case you want to go forward).

    Good luck.

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