SemperFi All,

I am trying to find legal help with my claim. My Claim is 26 years old and been Denied numerous times. I just a SOC
( Statement of Case ) on the 13th of August 2016.

I have been asking for legal help and have yet to secure anyone willing to take my case. I had 60 days or up to one year to submit the form to send it off to the VBA, and it is down below 50 days now, not the one year though.

Does anyone know if anyone that can help me in North Louisiana. I am from close to Monroe, Louisiana and tried several VSO rep's. But continue to not get a response. The local VSO office in West Monroe, Louisiana told me to go home set down write what i thought was wrong and then return it and they will send it back to New Orleans, Louisiana for me.

Don't know what else to do now. I am not a lawyer and don't understand the va language nor reasons behind my Denial of Claims. And to try and tell a Judge what I think he/she would just laugh and tell only a fool would represent him or herself.

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