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    In Texas.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistybluelady View Post
    Im pretty sure devilhund up in heaven is with me in spirit as he loved it here and fished when he could get here.
    Wonderful thought for Devilund (Bill) Lisa... I'm sure he's with you on that one...

    Good luck fishing....

    Been raining all morning here...

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    Well, the weekend's coming to an end and it's back to the grind ...

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    Not excited about the Olympics this year, the IOC corruption has just gotten so bad it's turned me off (I mean, RIO? Sure, it's a great town for parties, but you want to bring the best athletes in the world, tens of millions of dollars of spending on everything BUT the sports and the host country, and throw a Roman Circus in the middle of crushing poverty and raw sewage, and some of the worst violent crime anywhere?

    That's worse than I can remember. It's not about the sports, it's not national pride (except for the small countries who only have this), it's just international corporate-scale corruption. Look at FIFA for another prime example.

    Wow. Sorry, didn't mean to vent like that.

    I was just gonna say "I'm not much into the olympics, but I saw some of the women's rugby - Fiji and Colombia. THAT'S a real sport! Looks like the ladies play through tomorrow, then the men start. I hope they get these games on TV!

    So weather report: there was weather everywhere, meds and coffee report: no, I'm not going to, and I'll give hugs to anyone whokeeps their wallet in that back pocket.

    We gotta help Gary pay the bills around here somehow!


    s/f and cheers, all!

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    Andy, the LN chapter of PSA would like to have an auction, to help with those bills.

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    Another wonderful day here in Paradise. Cooler today....high 99, almost sweat shirt weather here.

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    Marine Family Free Member Mistybluelady's Avatar
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    nice here today , only 86.. nice breeze... suppose to be scorching hot tomorrow and Im off! I have a date with tan lotion and my pool.... and probably a cooler or two......

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    Billy, we should definitely see about setting up that auction. Maybe get some corporate sponsorship for it too.

    And Lisa, don't forget to tip the pool boy tomorrow!

    Us, we have triple-H weather coming back tomorrow: hazy, hot, and humid. Meanwhile I'm typing away to make it look like I'm working. Then off on the road some more, been doing a lot of driving around with the job these past few weeks, going to have to get tires and brake work soon!

    So yeah, I'm having an exciting summer. Oh, well, could be worse.


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    Your right Mike, If my memory serves me right, winter falls on Tuesday this year.

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    Can't wait till October when the highs are only in the 70's ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kegler300 View Post
    Can't wait till October when the highs are only in the 70's ...
    Yep, sweating is just terrible....

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    You don't want me to post a pic of me sweating ... 760507113.gif

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    Just noticed this is my 14th anniversary here ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kegler300 View Post
    Just noticed this is my 14th anniversary here ...
    Awesome Keg - 14 years... Congratulations...

    Your not getting a hug... !!!

    Don't even think about it....

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