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    Been there and done that at least three times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine1955 View Post

    Well, my weekend was shot to hell yesterday,

    Got an alert from my bank
    that my card had been hacked

    over $2000. was charged to it

    fraud prevention called and texted me about it.

    Well, I hope your weekend went well.

    The one thing is it just burns me up

    top that off and think how much this
    "BIDEN-NOMICS" is depreciating
    everything else.....

    I am glad though the falsenewsmedia
    is starting to report on bidens failures...
    SHAME is they don't spend enough
    time on it........

    RobbinWhere ?????

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    Well good morning all, got myself hacked on my bank account and computer yesterday. Spent three hour getting clean out and back to where it's should be. 63 and a high of100.

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    Mostly sunny and 85 with scattered rain showers...

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    Morning, it's 53 and much cooler this week. Our high should be awesome too 78.

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    Low of 71, high of 88 today...

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