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    Good Morning all it's nice outside we have 33 and we may hit 65 today..
    Hope everyone has a good day..

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    Afternoon all,it a nice day so far, we have 65 and we may hit 72 later on.. I do hope your weekend went well Mine did..Take care and be safe...

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    Mostly sunny and 78...

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    Afternoon all we have 46 and may hit 58 today. Have a great ahead for you...

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    Sunny, low humidity and 76...

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    Afternoon everyone ,we have 45 and we may reach 55 . Looks like a cold front moved in today.. Everyone please be careful..

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    Partly sunny and 74...

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    Afternoon everyone ,some what cooler today right now we have 47 and we hope to reach 54 later on today..
    Have a nice hump day

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    Mostly sunny and 73...

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    Afternoon everyone , we have 42 and that's the high for today.We may get snow are showers tonight ,we'll see..
    Have a good good day all...

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    Mostly sunny and 76...

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    Good Morning all ,well we have 34 and snowing really good right now and our high should get close to 42 ..
    We Needed the snow to cover our wheat that's planted..

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    Partly cloudy and 64...

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    Good afternoon all, it's a some what nice day we have 47 and we may see 49 later on..
    Try to have a good day...

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    Well afternoon guys, we have 54 and we may hit 65 later on.. We have a partly cloudy ski and very light wind.
    Later on tonight we should get colder and a chance of snow They say...

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