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    Afternoon everyone we have a very nice day coming on here in Kansas. We have 75 right now and we will hit 80 later today..
    Hope everyone has a good day..

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    Good Morning my Marines ,53 degrees in Bronx New York -right now..HAPPY EASTER to ALL My Brothers and Sisters.Belong to many Marine Sites on FB. Still Loyal to Leatherneck ,the Most. Belong to a Corpsman Group also.They are so much younger than me. They like the Navy-I never Did.I like the Marines-you are my People.Maybe , they we're not 33 months FMF-like I was.Have 1400 friends on FB-most of them Marines--Some Corpsman,Army Medics-Airforce Corpsman to.and 2 Coastguard Corpsman. Vaccination ,should be up to the individual not Forced upon them.I am not going to take the Vaccine ,no Way.99.9 % of people will recover ,without the Vaccine; or so I hear.This guy Bill Gates says and I repeat..."These Vaccines will at least Kill off 15% of the World Population".That is what he said, and Dr.Folche and him ,are Loyal to Red China-Boo. I feel pretty good-am wearing 3 masks ,when I go out .Each one triple layered. Alex Jones says they are useless against Viruses.This is not a Virus at all.This is really an Atipical Pneumonia-Bacteria-not a Virus..These Vaccines,are made to Kill you not Supercharge you,You're Immune System,will be bypassed and no Longer work.Your RNA will be Altered for Life, and will no Longer work,like it should.This is all ,I am going to say on this.. except;This is a Plannedemic , to Deliberately Destroy America.ok....So, I just dropped by to say---Do some Research , before you role up your sleeve. Gotta go-God Bless Always - Only Marines ,will Save America-in the end.....SEMPER FI FOREVER.

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    Welcome Back Doc..Right now we have 81 and hope we see 86..
    Happy Easter...

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    Sunny and 72...

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    Thank you Marine1955,1:46 am now-64 degrees on Monday here Tomorrow.. Be Blessed All Marines ,Always. Hello Kegler 300,to

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    Hey all we have 73 and we will hit 86 later on.. Hope your weekend went well and and you had a good Easter..
    Everyone have a Blessed week..

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    Sunny and 82...

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    Hey everyone how are you today? Right now we have 73 and we may hit 81 later today.. Hope all you out there have a good day

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    Sunny and 84...

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    Well it's allot cooler today than yesterday , we have 41 and we may see 56 today at Least I hope at least.. Have a good day ...

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    Sunny and 86...

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    Afternoon everyone ,we have 61 and we may reach 74 for today ...
    I hope everyone has a good day ..

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    Mostly sunny and 82...

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    T.G.I.F. I hope that everyone has a great weekend . We have 49 and we may reach 58.
    So everyone have a good weekend...

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    Mostly sunny and 78...

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