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    I'll try emailing some old members who drifted away, see if they're interested in returning.

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    I come in and read, just don't really see any point on posting much.
    FB is censoring anything they don't like and banning those that post anything political they disagree with...

    That's now the country we live in these days...

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    Mike, I wonder what explains the inactivity here. Maybe just a decline in interest over the years. No reason for it, it just happened. Used to be 20 posting all the time. Just faded out. I was trying to figure out why. Maybe there is no explanation. It just declined.

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    I tried facebook once, didn't much care for it.
    * wander over to yellowfootprints, and mildotcom,
    almost everyone is dead in the water member wise
    and new post messages.

    I don't get offended, just take it as a sign of the times.

    maybe when we Croak, the younger kids will be kind enough
    to kick us into the moats and wholes we've dug for ourselves...

    I always attributed most of the "USER Loss" as keyboard ENVY............
    One or two finger texting on a cellphone screen vs:
    a desktop/laptop and QUERTY ten finger luxury.


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    Example. Former moderator Sgt Leprechaun hasn't been on here in 11 years. Was one of the most active participants here. I emailed him and also PMd him via Facebook yesterday.

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    once and a while I swing thru durring the OVERNIGHT and see one or two erant posters trying to set up links to god knows where,
    good to see Mike/dave/mongoose/whoever has done
    field day by the time daylight brakes here on the east coast......

    FINE JOB Marines !

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    Ed, when you report those posts, that helps. I check everything several times a day and night. Plenty of spammers. We need to set up membership so no one can just register and immediately begin to post.

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    I'm not going anywhere...Been here since the beginning.

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    Lep just messaged me back on Facebook, asking if there's still a forum. Lol

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    I'm a daily visitor but sorry, never have much to offer the group. I'm retired Air Force but will aways have a connection to my 4-year USMC stint 1965 to 1969.

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    But you're on here quite frequently. It's not that people should actually post all the time. What concerns us is the overall level of activity for no good reason other than it just faded out. This place used to be very busy.

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    Started to fade after fontman passed...

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    I can tell you I got a little upset when what's his name band me saying I was harassing members and I wasn't . then they found out something and he got booted. but they still have me listed as harassing and insulting a member.
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      harassing a member

    • 11-22-15 06:35 PM

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    I got demoted from squad leader to just a member. I was the one who was messed with. Almost daily my profile would get erased and some of my posting were deleted. I keep asking who was doing it and everyone said that they didn't do it. But I got band for a little while, So I stayed of for over a year or so, because of that. I came back and Mike was the new Admin. and he's been fair with everyone on here that I know. him and Madox do a good job.

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    ​I remember now it was rocky who was doing it and he's the one that demoted me and band me.

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    Where is Rocky?

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