Reserves to Active Duty?
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    Reserves to Active Duty?

    Jumping right in, here are my goals:
    1. Get back to Active Duty
    2. Go DI
    3. Go MARSOC
    4. Deployments
    I think you catch the drift so after saying that I will tell you guys that I was active duty for 4 years, decided to EAS and now 2 years later have joined the reserves. (As of this month)

    My current MOS is 3521 Motor T Mech. My understanding is that in my current situation its going to very difficult to get back in active but if theres a possibility I want to know about it. I was told that to go active I would have to go career recruiter in order to be active again but am curious to know if there are other ways of going about it.

    Also I am wanting to know the difference between Reserves and Active Reserves. (not to get confused with IRR) Is there more of chance of deployment with one over the other, better chance of promotion? Only asking because if I can't go and get back I would like to know which is better.

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    Talked to a prior service recruiter yet (there are none on this forum)? If not, that's where you need to begin.

    Good luck.

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    I have and the only way I heard to go active is through career recruiter which isn't something I would be jumping out of my skin to go do but it would offer being active again and the opportunity to; in the future; possibly go DI when I hit 1stSgt and since I'm making this a career, that wouldn't be too bad.

    What I may also end up doing when I find out a little more is to unleash the beast and go for crazy amounts of MCI's, black belt in MCMAP, get orders to go to a residence CPL's Course all to shoot for meritorious SGT then hit SGT's Course and hope to get recognized enough to be considered as 1 of the 2 DI candidates that the reserves gets per year. Then I would be ok with going career recruiter and again upon hitting 1stSgt I would Lat-move to Infantry or MARSOC if possible.

    Big dreams, I know but I've been given a second chance at doing this and I don't intend on "skating" my way through this one and letting others demotivate me. If I want to be a Chesty Puller crazy mother trucker than either accept it or move out of the way OORAH!

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    Shoot the way your thinking why not go for SgtMajor of the Marine Corps,lol, Good Luck Marine, Semper Fidelis.

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