Cut it short or keep it medium?
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    Cut it short or keep it medium?

    Hello all,

    I'm currently debating whether or not I should cut my hair short or keep it at its length now. I know this question has been answered before, but the threads I found pertained to women with unruly or curly hair.
    My hair is frizzy once dry (and super frizzy in humidity) and mostly straight. It's a little bit past my shoulders to give you an idea of its current length.
    I'm aware of the regulations for female hair and am planning on cutting it in one of two styles: 1) straight buzz 1/4 from scalp or 2) one inch on top gradually declining to 1/4 inch by neckline.
    The reason I'm so conflicted is that I've been getting advice to cut it off and save me time, but also to leave it because having longer hair represents the femininity in being a female Marine. My goal is to be honor grad, so if cutting my hair short somehow impedes my chances, I don't want to risk it.
    Would do you all think? What is gonna be most efficient in my time at boot camp?

    Thank you in advance!

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    i think it's a personal choice that looks good and makes you comfortable... my little female poodle, brandy, whom i lost a few yrs ago to kidney failure has this tip for you...

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    My niece kept hers long in bootcamp. She did not graduate honorman in bootcamp, but she was guide all the way till the crucible when the honorman was named. Her DI's recommended her for meritorious promotion so she was promoted to meritorious PFC by her battalion commander. She did go onto be class leader, honor graduate, and meritorious Lance Corporal out of her MOS school. I know she had to keep her hair in a tight bun (which the female DI's teach at PI) and she used a lot of hair gel (Gorilla snot). Can't see it in this pic, but her hair is in a bun here.

    If it were me, I would opt for the style that is most maintenance-free. Your DI's are not going to give you much time to manage your hair. You will constantly have sand in it from the sand pits.

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    This is her hair length when not in a bun:

    And here you can see the bun better:

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    lordy; when i read "hair gel (Gorilla snot)"- i damn near spit out my coca-cola laughing so hard!

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    My oldest daughter is in the Air Force Reserves. When she first went to basic, she had the same choice, short or long. She chose short and was thankful that she did. It saved her a lot of time in the morning not having to do a bun, time that she could use on other things. Not to mention it was much easier to keep clean. She too tends to have frizzy hair in high humidity.

    Now that she's an E-6, her hair is back to longish, but she also has more time in the morning to put it in a bun. Rank has it's privileges (more time). She did cut her hair down before she went to Afghanistan, but not as short as basic.

    As busy as they keep people in the morning during Air Force basic training, it's even more hectic in Marine boot camp. The more time you can save on basic hygiene, the more time you have on all those myriad details necessary to start each glorious day
    in the Corps.

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    Thank you so much!! I think I'm going to cut it short!!

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    ^^^good decision. Good luck at PI. These Marines are waiting for you:

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