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    Hello all!

    My close friend is currently is the DEP. He got a 96 on the ASVAB and a 116 on the DLAB. With this, his recruiter is setting him up to snag intel MOS. Of course for an intel job you need a security clearance.

    However, he recently got caught trespassing on private property and has charges against him. His court date is coming up in two weeks. This could potentially hinder his security clearance.

    Depending how the court date goes, worst case scenario is that he is found guilty of trespassing. Best case scenario this case is dismissed.

    If he is found guilty, is there a chance he could receive a moral waiver for the crime, and if he does, could he still qualify for the clearance?

    Any advice or tips would be appreciated.


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    That is something that he should be discussing with his recruiter.

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    The old "I'm asking for a friend trick." Never ceases to amaze me. Maybe your friend [you] should to talk to his recruiter [your recruiter] about the situation.

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    Every Marine needs a security clearance today. Not just intel types.

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    LCPL1341, I noticed that too. I wish the OPs would just say, hey, I'm asking about ME. LOL. My close friend told me to tell the OP to ask his close friend to ask the recruiter's close friend to ask the recruiter these questions.

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