You canít fight the desertÖ you have to ride with it. ~ Louis LíAmour

Welcome to Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. And youíre thinking, how am I REALLY supposed to live here for 3 years? There are some saving graces in the desert; they are the friendships that youíre going to form. Everyone else who lives here in 29 Palms is in the exact same situation as you. It REALLY is 1 hour 20 minutes to get to Target from here! But let me tell you that you will form some great bonds with other spouses here.

TIP: Volunteer to get stationed before you have kids or when they are very young. That way you have this duty station out of the way and wonít have to worry about being here when your kids are in school.

Weather: The weather runs the extremes here in 29 Palms. In the summers it gets quite hot reaching over the 100ís and in the winter gets down to the 20ís-30ís. We even get sporadic snow storms.

One thing you can count on is the wind; donít buy anything to go outside that offers shade because the wind will tear it down. Donít leave umbrellas open or they can get blown away. We are located right off a major fault line and get mini-quakes. Itís been several years since a large quake has hit, but be on the safe side and have a plan with food and water stored just in case.

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