Monday night officials robbed the Pats
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    Monday night officials robbed the Pats

    Some miscues by New England, particularly the botched punt return by Chris Harper at a crucial time when leading 21-7 in the 4th quarter, but I counted at least 4 bad calls against NE by the refs, each of which were very costly and prevented NE from possible scores or giving up scores. A call in the end zone to Chung, nullifying a sack, a call on Gronkowski to prevent a first down, and a 63 yard pass from Brady called back on something ridiculous, all of those calls should have been NO CALLS.
    Then Aquib Talib with obvious pass interference was not called.
    It made it clear that the NFL wasn't in favor of wanting New England to go undefeated. I thought this was an outrage. I am not liking what the NFL is turning into.
    This isn't sour grapes on my part, in fact, I'm Redskins fan, but all football fans need to beware for this can happen to your team even at a more bold level. Those refs should be FIRED!!!

    Correction, SNF, not MNF game. Pats versus DEN

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    Speaking of MNF, how about that botched field goal attempt by Cleveland picked up by Ravens and ran all the way in for the winning touchdown? WITH NO TIME LEFT...hahahaha......Manziel sitting on the sidelines talking to his buddy, blowing on his hands like he's going in after McCowan sidelined for bum shoulder.....only to find out Austin Davis was the second string quarter back....Time to party Johnny Football....ahh...ahhh....ahahahahaa....

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    Johnny was demoted to 3rd string QB last week (after lying about his latest escapades to the coaching staff and asking other players to lie as well).

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    I don't know what it is with that Johnny Football guy Manziel, but every time I see him in uniform, he just cracks me up. Seems comical to me. I have no beef with the guy, but sometimes I wonder if he's in over his head. I've seen Cleveland use him in some crazy "Bush league" kind of play, made me laugh. Not even used as a quarterback.

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    My poor Patriots.....They got robbed !!!

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