Taps for Sgt Nicolas Rasmussen
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    Taps for Sgt Nicolas Rasmussen


    01 september 2015 at 1830 Sgt Nicolas Rasmussen took his own life in his best friends backyard by putting a pistol to his head and pulling the trigger.

    He was a great friend, mentor, listener, Marine, and a great brother though he was not flesh and blood my brother he was a fellow 0261 as an orgainization and a community the Topo community is one of the closest tight nit groups i have ever been a part of.

    It is an honor to have known you and serve next to you it is a shame a great legacy had to come to such an abrupt and horriffic end. Till Valghalla my brother.

    It is a shame that peple always mentions this during times like this. If you or anyone else is thinking about hurting themselves or someone else please PLEASE take them or yourself to seek help. If you are having issues there is always someone who will listen to you and help you through your times of turmoil, suicide is just a permanate solution to a temporary problem.

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      22 veterans a day commit suicide a day, these numbers do not include active duty or reserves, even 1 is too many we need to solve this issue for our brothers and sisters.

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      RIP Devil

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      No more worries Rest In Peace Marine Semper Fi

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      R.I.P. Sgt Nicolas,We know not what has been done to Us and what We Do to Ourselves.God Bless you and your Family,and Semper Fi Forever..............

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      3 years later and it doesn't get any easier or better..

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