Failed UA MEPS for Poolee
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    Failed UA MEPS for Poolee

    On 1/27/14 during my senior year in high school I was processed at MEPS on GAFB, Montgomery, AL for 0311 Rifleman. I scored a 59 on my ASVAB, passed physical, and was sworn in. Two weeks later I received a letter saying a failed a UA(marijuana) and could re qualify in 45 days upon service`s descretion. I was aware of the test at MEPS and I admitted I smoked that previous December on my drug screening sheet. That being said I was given two UA from the recruiting office and passed both(The Ssgt took pictures of both). I went to MEPS the following Monday and failed the UA there. It has been over a year and I was not given a second chance or an attempt to obtain a waiver. My recruiters were working with me until now. They told me that the policy would have to change and they were doing everything they could until a certain Marine Corp General passed away a couple months ago. Basically they were questioning the fact that I am unable to obtain a waiver while pooles can if they have done drugs during the DEP knowing the full consequences(Not saying I wasn`t aware but I passed two UA beforehand). I have received several letters of recommendation from senators, previous employers, and Army Generals(I don`t know any Marine Corp Generals). They still are unable to change the situation. I talked to a retired Marine NCO (E-8 I think) and he was in recruiting and called the head Marine at MEPS. He told me my only option is to write a letter a certain House Representative. I am currently about to send that letter now. Also I heard from several other people I could re qualify 2 years after the failed UA. Is this true? And if the letter to the representative doesn`t work is there any other option? I know I screwed up and I remember it everyday. The Marine Corp has been my dream since childhood and I am willing to do anything to get in.

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    Others will comment on this, but for me, one thing jumps out at me, and it is very common on this site. That is when someone says they have wanted to be a Marine since age 6, 8, 12, 15 or whatever. And I always think to myself, ok, if they did actually want to join the Corps from a very early age, isn't getting involved with DQ material contradictory? In other words, I wanna be a baseball player since age 3 1/2. But I conduct myself from age 3 to age 19 in a way that will insure that no team would ever hire me.

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    ^what he said^

    You obviously didn't want to be a Marine bad enough if you put yourself in a situation and did something that you knew could prevent you from enlisting.

    To be completely honest, even if you are eligible for a waiver, I don't want someone like you in my Corps. Who is to say you won't put yourself in a compromising position again when your a Marine and get yourself kicked out or worse get someone else hurt or killed.

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    The lesson is, there are consequences for one's actions (unless you're a promising athlete and then everyone turns their heads so that analogy is not an accurate one).

    FYI. The gun club you are so anxious to join belongs in a Corps and not a Corp (I know that is your phone's fault and not yours - it's always the phone's fault).

    You already have recommendations from senators. Don't see why one from a representative would be a deal-breaker. They all work in the same building and carry the same weight as far as the Marine Corps is concerned. But, it'll only cost you a stamp to mail the letter so worth a try. If that does not work. At some point, you must accept you have shot all the arrows in your quiver.

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    You did drugs, popped on a **** test, and thought you'd get away with it because you didn't pop twice prior. Whose to say you wont do that sh*t while you're in because you think you'll get away with it? If I was a recruiter, I wouldn't even waste my time with you. Go find a job, or go to college or something. You decided to be a turd, live with it now. Bye Felicia.

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