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    I can hear the Commandant now, hey, that doggone arch angel just signed up. Lucky us, how the hell did the Corps get along without him all this time??????????

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    Commandant to one of his generals/ "I want arch angel to be made into a ONE man recon force, and I want it done now. Isis will be obliterated in a week or so"

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    Phantom Blooper
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    I heard a rumor that the Marine Corps new slogan was now going to be "The Marine Corps of One"......

    Out shoot...out run......out hump.... every Marine since 1775.....

    What a waste of lives in the current world situation...when all the Pentagon and CMC needed to do was call on the red phone "Arkangel Man" !!!!!!!!

    Don't even think I could out shoot with my "blooper" let alone a BB gun every cop in California ......sign him up now....fuk any training!

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    Probably a bored Marine out on watch somewheres but I got to hand it to him, his trolling is mighty original as well as entertaining.

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    Isis just heard the arch angel might be a comin, and they damn near tripped over theselves withdrawing.

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    Why the hell are you so ****in ignorant. I absolutely hate to bash on you dude but **** off man. Commandment will always be bull****ting because that's what they do. They'll **** off their best damn sniper, their best shot, their most athstetic guy. Cuz that's what they do. But **** off bro seriously. Trying to get answers to better myself and hopefully save more marines lives by doing so. I'm glad you can shoot the american .25 dollar in the air if you through it up. That's badass, good ass shooting bro. But I can out-do you in every other aspect. Fitness, intelligence, maturity (obviously), determination. ****in anything. I would challenge you any day to anything you'd like. But this isn't a battle of whos better than who. That's all fun n games and cool but bro I'm trying to start my life trying to be the best I can be in the Maine Corps. So help me out and give me some feedback on issues I have. Otherwise get the **** out bro I'm just trying to get answer not fight with anybody or say I'm cocky.

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    You are in a no-whine zone, arch angel. LOL. I forgot to mention I was blindfolded when I shot all them dates off of all them quarters. And oh yeah, I was facing the other way at the time they was thrown up in the air. But stop whining and get to see a recruiter. Someone hand him some tissues, please, he's bawlin like a baby

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    I'm going to close this post because it seems you already have all the answers and you have pushed the envelope in the respect department. Everyone who answered you has already proven themselves as a Marine, and then some in a few cases. No Marine here is your "old friend" or "bro."

    You do come across as a vain and self-centered person who thinks his accomplishments as a high school student entitle him to the same level of respect as a proven Marine.

    If you want to be Marine Recon, fine, go for it. But something tells me you are going to have a hard row to hoe starting from the yellow footprints. The Marine Corps is a lot more than being in good physical condition.

    BTW: If you had bothered to look at my profile, you would have noticed that I am a retired deputy chief of police and I have some knowledge of police departments and the capabilities of police officers.

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