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    Just graduate

    I've been a member of this site for a while, mostly just reading about possible MOS's. I'm proud to say that I've left for MCRD San Diego and come back, as well as finished MCT at SOI west. I'd like to update my profile to reflect that when possible.

    While in boot camp, I was sent to medical by my Senior Drill Instructor. The crucible was about a week away, and graduation just after that. The corpsmen had me x-rayed, and found a stress fracture in the shaft of my femur. I was dropped to the Medical Rehabilitation platoon and had to say good bye to my platoon.
    Three months later, I picked up with a new company and did their crucible, their Marine week, and their graduation. Never quit!

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    Send a PM to Admin Tom requesting your status be changed.

    Congrats on joining the gun club.

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    Congrats, I might drop in on you when I'm visiting My Son. He's stationed down there. Enjoy... S/F

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    Hey , it's good to see that you didn't quit,
    Welcome to "The Few -The Proud - The Marines"
    Semper Fi

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