NROTC vs Enlistment; Artillery MOS; Guide Advice Needed
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    Question NROTC vs Enlistment; Artillery MOS; Guide Advice Needed

    On my 17th birthday I decided I wanted to be a Marine. This was a big deal because I had never really accomplished anything... ever really. But it seems I have found my calling.
    The reason I am opening this for discussion is for advice, mostly. I enlisted August 5, 2014, two months after my fateful decision (I ship June 15). Since then, I have became 1st Squad Leader, applied for NROTC, became the first female poolee in USMC history (ever!) to receive an Artillery MOS, and just today I was promoted to Guide. My second referral is heading to MEPs on Sunday, so next week I will hopefully have my PFC on lockdown. My ultimate goal is Infantry Officers Course.
    I can do 5-7 pullups on average, most sit-ups in two minutes was 151, and last ran a 11:37 IST.
    My main problem is determining whether I should take the Artillery MOS or take the NROTC Scholarship. I know that as an commissioned Officer I will one step closer to going to IOC, but I will spend four years becoming a Marine rather than three months. I also know that I hate schooling... College will be a challenge because scholl simply doesn't hold any interest to me. As an Enlisted to Officer, I will receive more respect due to the fact that I've gone through the same challenges my men have. But as an Officer, I will have a better paycheck, (almost) free college, and an almost immediate leadership position when I go to the fleet. Any advice on which to take?
    My second request is that those in leadership positions give advice as how to be a good leader/Guide. I am afraid of letting down my squads. I want the absolute best for them, even if it's not me. They are my brothers and I would do anything for them, and vice versa. I am afraid that I will not uphold the standards or be a bad leader. It is mostly insecurities that I need to work with. Clearly I would never let them know I have these insecurities, but some motivation and advice on how to be the best I can be would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    holy crap this question is asked at least once a day go to the ask a marine section and look up the advice there.

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    Too late. You already put it on the internet for them to read.

    I'm an artillery Marine. If I were you I would go to school and learn how to seperate your sentences into paragraphs.

    Best of luck to you.

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    In Recruit Training you can be the Guide one day and fired the next, then hired the next, and then fired the next. You can be a feather merchant one day and Guide the next, and back to feather merchant the next. That is the way the cookie crumbles.

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    Sooooooo many things wrong with everything you wrote OP, not to mention the grammar and spelling.

    I am at a loss of where to even start

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