Females in Artillery
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    Females in Artillery

    I know this can sometime be a 'hot' topic but my daughter received the first, Artillery MOS yesterday. I know traditionally this has always been a 'mans world'. But times are changing and I am proud she will be part of the change. Obviously there isnt alot of info out there for females in Artillery so I was looking for any and all advice for her. She is a very strong willed female who has never let being a female hold her back or used it as an excuse. I have raised her as being equal means truly being equal, and if you cant put up, shut up. I know this transition will be just as hard for the males as the females so looking for any advice, especially from men who have been in artillery.

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    depending on the Job, it can be very demanding, if She is an ammo tech. then She is in for a lot of very heave work, and as long as She can cut it there is no problems,

    the Topic is not so hot for this, we men just want to make sure that who ever does the job does is without special or lowered standards,, peoples lives depend on a Marine being able to help out His or Her buddy and doing the same work load as any other Marine..

    Best of Luck to Her, My Daughter is also a Marine..

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    I completely understand men wanting no lower standard. I agree wholeheartedly. Females can never claim equality without being truly equal. They also must be able to accept that with equality they are loosing something also, not just gaining. She still has 6 months before her ship date to boot camp and realizes that she has to really step up her game, so to speak. She is taking weightlifting this year and as silly as it sounds is pretty strong from stunting as a cheerleader. She quickly became 1st squad leader of the Poolees and has been a great leader. She really seems to have found what she wants in life and I couldnt be prouder as a mom. I am not naive to the hardships she will face, that is why I want to make sure she is as prepared as possible. Thank you for the advice....

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    Maybe times have changed in my day an arty round was 200lbs, use to carry 2 at a time, my CO said one day to me I wish all Marines could do that,lol, Semper Fidelis.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    Goo luck too you daughter...you are giving good advice! Times are changing Ronnie.....Women should be allowed to do all the jobs except Infantry.....and those 200# rounds are coming in petite and smart bombs since our era.

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    You got that right Chuck, brains instead of muscles, Semper Fidelis.

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    The problem isnt wether she should be there or not in my opinion everyone has their bias toward the subject. Some ladies do have the ability to do it the majority do not, at least gotta give her the oppertunity to give it a good college try.

    The problems arise in a few ways 1 the females who just cant do it try and complain because they cant do it and never would really have been able to in the beginning.

    2 females start failing out a lot and then they start lowering standards and the bar so they can get more females in the MOS'

    3 when a female gets hurt or needs help, male Marines disregard their other Marines to go help them. IE she gets hurt they would protect her first over another male Marine. Ive seen it happen to an extent, in MCT when a female would fall over from the weight of the pack 5 - 6 men would come running over. That same senario that was a man they laughed at him (not necessarily the females fault either dont think thats where im going with this) its just male instinct really.

    lastly going in the field for weeks on end which arty goes into the field a lot, you are a bunch of single male Marines with only a few females around... You draw your own conclusions there. I remember when I was at MCT on more than 1 occassion people got caught having sex in the portajohn.

    my .02 from an Old man in the Marine Corps.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    1 occassion people got caught having sex in the portajohn.
    I don't want this thread to go south.....but...I sure could find a different place than a portajohn ....even clean ones are nasty.....

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