October 23rd 1983
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    October 23rd 1983

    The 24th Marine Amphibious Unit arrived in Beirut in May of 1983 as part of a continuing American effort to provide a stabilizing influence. We were guests of the government of Lebanon as were the other members of an international peacekeeping force that included units from France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. At 6:22 a.m. on Sunday, October 23,1983,a large truck filled with explosives charged into the Marine compound at Beirut’s airport and crashed into the first floor of a four story concrete building where approximately 300 U.S service members were quartered. The driver of the truck detonated the explosives and the blast killed 241 Marines, Sailors and Soldiers. For the Marines of the 241,the 220 Marine deaths were the greatest loss of life in a single day since 19 February 1945, D-Day on Iwo Jima. May they rest in peace.....as they slumbered in peace! Semper Fidelis

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    A terrible tragedy. May they indeed rest in peace.

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    Chuck, you have all my respect, brother. Your a good man and good Marine. The Marines at Beirut will always be remembered.

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    I was stationed on Camp Geiger and shared many activities with those Marines. They will never be forgotten and those that did that will be made to pay.

    Semper Fidelis

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    RIP Marines...

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    Respect to you Bloop and to all the Brothers who are currently RIP from this tragedy.
    I wasn't there but I sure do remember how it really ****ed me off.

    Carry on....

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    RIP Marines, Chuck remember when I had you call that Marine from Richland N.C. he was there also, take care Brother, Semper Fidelis.

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    God Bless Our Marines, stand tall Chuck. S/F

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    Beirut was not combat zone! This is still the official stand of VA and they still marginalize and sweep aside this as an unavoidable terrorist attack. Truth is it was a well planned attack on a poorly defended military target inside a long running war. Meeting all criteria for lawful warfare under Geneva Convention. Terrorists attack soft targets like schools and hospitals. Can we get this designation changed?

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    I landed in Beirut October 31,1982, a bit confusing the first night, since no one really knew what was going on. I was assigned to the 24thMSSG, 24th MAU PKF, as a mechanic, remember the red patch, I was one of them. My first tour there was interesting, what I remember of it. My second tour there was to say the least a heartbreak, we were located on the pavement lot above the airport, with a plain view of the parimeter road, and all the radicals who hated Americans. From that lot we were within 75 to 80 yards away from the blast, we all were thrown about 20 feet, and the rest is history. are there any other Marines within this group who were there that fatefull morning?

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