Running in boot camp?
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    Running in boot camp?

    I ship September 22 and I've never been a good runner. I feel mentally and physically prepared in all other ways. I've been in the DEP for almost 6 months now and, while I do feel my running has improved, I'm still really worried about the running in boot camp. My pace is slow and my IST time varies between 13:00 and 14:00 minutes. Can someone tell me what the running will be like in boot camp? Are the formation runs fast paced? What happens if a recruit falls out of a formation run or scores badly on a timed run?

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    I know there will be lots of folks here to help you with info, but let me contact an active duty friend of mine who was in this section as a poolee just a couple of years ago. I'll see if he can offer some help.

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    I was not a great runner (especially when running alone) before boot camp either and worried about the same thing. But something magical happens in boot'll find that running in formation with the DI/platoon singing cadence does a lot for you both mentally and physically and you'll most likely find yourself doing way better than you ever thought. There's something about the team concept and one-mindedness of everyone doing something in unison that keeps you going in your position in formation.

    The other motivating factor is that you don't want to get your a*s chewed out by the DI in front of 80 other guys, so you somehow find it within you to keep going. When I was there I don't remember much of a problem with anyone in our platoon falling behind except for maybe one fat body who had some trouble.

    As for speed, when running in formation it's called 'double time', which is about twice normal walking/marching speed.

    On the PFT I ended up doing the 3 mile in 20:30 which totally blew me away. Just keep up what you're doing now and when you get there, you'll do fine.

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    I think Ken is right----thinking ahead to something makes it seem worse than it is, most but not all of the time.

    That team mentality makes you and everyone else do things you never thought were possible prior to boot camp.

    Take one example. The rope climb. You look at that as a civilian and you think "Now I could possibly do that if it had knots, but it doesn't".

    But with DIs screaming at you, you'll go up that same rope like a monkey going after bananas.

    It's just amazing what you can do when you have to do it.

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    the running in boot camp is not difficult and the formations run pace is not fast. don't worry about falling out of a formation run, it won't happen.

    the only "timed" run(s) you will do in bootcamp are the IST, PFT(s), and CFT. running is all about breathing and cardiovascular strength. Through all the PT and other running you do at the depot you will learn to control it well enough to where you should be fine.

    I consider myself in extremely good shape but a horrible runner and I still run a 21-22 minute 3 mile for the PFT without breaking a sweat.

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    Helpful as always, Joe-----

    @mpike--You will get the speed and skills you need once you actually set foot at MCRD.

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    If you can pass an IST you will do fine. They step you up in training and prepare you for what is to come ahead, it is designed that way.

    If you do fail your initial IST though, which if you are currently failing the IST i dont know why your recruiter would let you ship. You are close to failing 13:30 is the slowest time you can run it to qualify then you will be dropped to the PCP Physical Conditioning Platoon basically where all the fat bodies and out of shape people go and you stay there till they decide you are fit enough to start training.

    The pft and cft come later they will still let you graduate with a not first class PFT but if you cannot get a first class PFT/CFT when you will be in probably your top physical condition you are in for a rough 4-5 years.

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    Thanks, everyone, for your responses. I'm going to continue to work on my running but this does help to put my mind at ease. I should probably throw out there that I'm a female, so my IST time is passing as long as it's under 15:00.

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    You'll get more responses here---what you COULD do, since it's not all that long before you ship, you could return here to this thread, find it in the archives by then, but post on it as to how it turned out for you in boot camp.

    We hardly ever hear about how the various issues turned out, so come back and update us. Also, by then, you may very well have some new advice for others that you can share here.

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    Yes mpike, let us know when you're a Marine. You WILL earn the title.

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    I'm a US Marine now! I graduated from PI on Dec. 19th. I left for boot camp as a bad runner and came back being able to run for miles. The advice on here was definitely right. It's amazing the things you find out your capable of in boot camp. You're so much more motivated and determined.

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    Congrats Devil!! of luck at MCT/ITB

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    Congratulations. Looks like we were right re our advice--as usual. LOL...good luck to you!

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    Congratulations Marine

    In no time at all, you'll be as salty as
    the rest of us......

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