Connectivity issues again..
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    Connectivity issues again..

    In case I'm not the only one...

    The last several days connecting to this site has been absolute hell.
    I can't tell you how long it took just to post this thread.

    Inconsistent connectivity, wait for a minute or so to connect only to get the message 'server timed out' more often than not.
    Refreshing a page exhibits the same behavior.

    As much as I enjoy interacting with some Marines here I'm pretty dismayed and frustrated with it all.
    I've read comments, speculations by others lately but I have no clue.

    I use Firefox and all other sites load as expected.
    This site doesn't revolve around my desires but whatever is occurring lately sure isn't working for me.
    Hope it gets resolved if it's NOT just me experiencing the above.

    Carry on....

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    I've having the same troubles the past few days myself ...

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    You're not the only one. Site is as slow as a paraplegic turtle trying to swim in molasses.

    Been getting this on Chrome:

    This webpage is not available


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    Thanks for chiming in Brothers.

    Three times and minutes of waiting I guess I got lucky in posting here again.

    If it's truly server/bandwidth related that would be a disappointing scenario.

    But, private site and they can manage as they see fit and hope all will continue to participate in spite of it.
    End of story.


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    Same issues, Wayne---you're not alone---using Internet Explorer OR Google Chrome--same result---

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    I haven't been able to access the site all day until now and it took more than 3 minutes just to get to the home page and about half that to open this forum. I also enjoy shooting the breeze with everyone but this is getting ridiculous. Unable to post links or pictures and I don't dare make a mistake in typing and back up over the mistake to start again. When that happens, I have to press the keys very hard at about a speed of a word every two minutes

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    D Budd....

    Same behavior for me still.
    I clicked the 'Quote' button to respond to you and it's been in limbo for over five minutes.
    It's like no one cares but the site ownership/moderators have to know what going on.
    It makes one wonder if the advertizing needs of the site is sucking up bandwidth on decade old servers.
    I don't know shvt but it's not a good sign on a a few levels.
    This is not the first time this very issue has reared it's ugly countenance.

    Obviously, a slight rant on my part but perception is reality from my perspective.
    I'm hopeful this should post up by October.

    It's after 17:00 in Beijing and I'm feeling the need for an icy Sam Adams.
    Belly up patient ones.....I'm buying.

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    One thing about us, Wayne--we're persistent!

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    Been trying repeatedly for two hours, but finally made it ...

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    Same here also.. just got on for the first time today @ 1815 hrs.. pst

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    Amazing , Grace....

    wonder if this will take another week
    to fix ???? like the last time....

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    Same thing for me. Been 8 or 9 days now.

    UNSAT !!!

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    Just got another one. Logged me out and I had to log back in again ? is nor responding. Recover webpage ? Don't know what that means. Never seen it before.

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    Guest Free Member not in my liking! I'm thinking this may not get fixed. I'm thinking the purpose is to slowly dissolve this web-site. Be glad when my brother Rocky, gets his own web-site!

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    I second that Brother Billy

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