Picking MOS Thursday and still lost on what I want to do.
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    Picking MOS Thursday and still lost on what I want to do.

    I pick my MOS on Thursday and have to turn in my top three picks. My ASVAB is an 8 and I qualify for every job. I have been thinking about intel and have taken the DLAB test and scored a 103. But now I think I might get bored with the intel job. Any personal stories or descriptions of jobs would be greatly appreciated to help me with decision making. I have until 1730 on Thursday, 20140717. Also I know there are probably other threads for this, but I am out of time and couldn't find it quick enough and need help asap.

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    I know I'm going in as a 6276 Fixed Wing Aircraft Crew Chief

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    asvab is an 87*

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