First and foremost I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this post.

In the interest of not wasting anymore of your time than absolutely necessary I'll just get into it.

Was arrested in May of 2010 and charged w/ felony possession of marijuana. Truth be told, I had smoked a few times and had the BRILLIANT idea that I would rather grow my own plants than associate w/ the typical people that engage in selling it.

Long story short, I come home one day (stoned) to find my rental house burglarized and with the gloriously fantastic effects that pot has on a person's cognitive abilities, I call the police to report a robbery. (Yes, seriously.) The rest is history.

Fast forward, I throw my dumb-ass on the mercy of the court, get pre-trial intervention (PTI)(Drug Court), 18 months probation, and voila I'm able to expunge my record.(for the purposes of private employment, feds still see every fly on my hairy arse.)

5'9" 170lb

Haven't touched that garbage since my arrest due to the realization that it turns you into a lack-luster lazy piece of garbage, nose clean since then.

Basically wondering what my chances are of being accepted into an enlistment at E-2(highest enlisted Marine rank that I've read about online w/ a degree.)

Whether your comments are positive or negative, I welcome them in hopes that I may form a more informed opinion on the subject.

I personally am not interested in OCS because I feel that I do not deserve it due to the ethical nature of my past, as well as the fact that those who would lead must first learn to follow. (and it is going to damn well stay in the past.)

Once more, I'd like to convey my sincere gratitude for any input that this community may have.


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