effective training regimen?
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    effective training regimen?

    Hello and good evening, Marines. I just joined this site and I have already found tons of helpful information on a variety of things. I would like to thank both the admins and other contributors for making this site what it is.

    Anyways, I plan to go see a recruiter for the first time at some point during the next few weeks. I would like to get a recon contract, so I've been training really hard so that the recruiter will think I am fit for one, and so that if I do get the contract, I will be as ready as I'll ever be for the recon indoctrination and BRC.

    I currently can do 20+ pull ups, 100+ crunches, and can run 3 miles in 20:02. My run time is obviously my weak spot, so I've been really focusing on that over the last 2 weeks. My running workout is this:

    On even days of the month: 3 mile run at a pace that I feel comfortable with, not killing myself so probably about a 7:30 pace.

    On odd days of the month: 4 1/8 mile runs, 4 1/4 mile runs, and 3 1/2 mile runs. I run all of these at a 6 minute pace or faster (for example, when I run the 1/4 mile, the slowest time I allow myself to get would be 1:30). In between each rep I walk half of the distance ran at a brisk pace.

    Now, my question: is this enough running to get my 3 mile run time below 18 mins? And is it the proper way of training for the 3 mile run? If any of you Marines got a perfect run time on the PFT, I would appreciate if you shared how you went about training for it.

    Lastly, I understand recon does a huge amount of exercise in the water. Currently, I am a decent swimmer ( I'm a life guard, so it helps a little bit) and I feel comfortable in the water. However, I know this isn't good enough. What should I be doing in the water to prepare for the stuff at the indoctrination and so on?



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    You should be fine. You will get to do plenty of running in recruit training.

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