Interest in MOS 7251 Air Traffic Controller
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    Question Interest in MOS 7251 Air Traffic Controller

    Hello everyone, I'm Michael Saucedo (you can call me Poolee Sauce). I'm new to the leatherneck forum and was wondering how I would go about getting an air traffic controller MOS in the Marine Corps. I have a GT score of 105 which my recruiter said meets the ASVAB requirements, but the only problem is that he told me that the Air Traffic Controller MOS is like infantry in the sense that it is an mos that splits up into several/many mos specializations. Which he said means there isnt a guaranteed chance of me getting this MOS.
    So I was wondering if any Marines here could help me with this, as in, is there any way for me to guarantee myself this MOS? And what would I have to do?

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    There is no way to get a guaranteed specific MOS unless you are a reservist. Active duty get to choose there Occupational Field and that is it. There is nothing you can do to get ATC.

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    Thanks for response.

    What if I go for my current MOS (security forces) and 3 years into it I talk to a career planner about switching my MOS? My recruiter suggested this and implied that an active duty Marine that has served a couple of years can get switched to any MOS he/she wants as long as they're qualified

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    Last time I checked, they are not issuing crystal balls at recruiters school yet. Implying is exactly, and all, your recruiter is doing. Nobody can plan on making a lateral move into another occupational field years down the road. You can ask when you're eligible but it will depend on the needs of the USMC at that time. LATMOVES are generally used in conjunction with reenlistment incentives. They're also a tool the USMC uses to balance out MOS's (if your current MOS is overpopulated, they may let you move into one that is underpopulated or vice-versa). There is also a financial aspect; the USMC paid a lot of money to train and educate you in your current MOS. You are asking them to spend even more money on you to send you to a new MOS school - train and educate you all over again.

    On top of all that, it could affect you getting promoted. After you graduate from your new MOS school and report to your first duty station in the fleet with your new MOS, you will be competing with your peers for promotion. Who will get promoted first - a newby just out of school and no field experience, or someone who has been working in that same MOS for years. It better be the Marine with the technical expertise and experience to handle the responsibilities of the next pay grade. And that won't be you.

    So, there is a lot that goes into LATMOVES and all the stars have to align to make it happen. It does happen but not regularly and not something you can plan on. Obviously your recruiter didn't bother to explain the details to you.

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