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    P.I. from Oct 83- Feb 84. Platoon 2018!

    Anyone on here from that time.

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    PI 1970 Plt.370

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    Earned the title in Kilo Company, Pltn. 3226 in sunny San Diego. Shoot, those hellish hills are no joke.

    Reported June 23, 2014 and finally left victoriously Sept. 19. My company actually had the honor of climbing the reaper and earning that title on the 13th anniversary of 9/11. That was a painful, yet rewarding morning.

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    Proud to be One of the Few!

    Graduated MCRD San Diego March 1968, Plt. 309
    Plt Cmdr. SSGT McCoy, DI SSGT Stralecki, DI SGT Withrow

    I came back to MCRD as a Drill Instructor (SSGT. Hargrove)
    November 1973-1975
    Graduated The following Platoons; "E"Co. 2nd Btn, RTR,
    MCRD San Diego
    Plt. 2086 - November 1973
    Plt. 2121- March 1974
    Plt. 2036- June 1974
    Plt. 2072- September 1974
    Plt. 2109- December 1974
    2nd Battalion Staff (Jan 75- Mar 75)

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    PI 1960, platoon 345
    sgt Wilson
    sgt O'Leary
    don't remember senior DI's name

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    (Reply to "Frank" from back in 2002)Is this Seals!?? You were kind of a short turd!! Did you end up a lifer to get that rocker?? Bob Thompson

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    MCRD San Diego. Plt 234.

    SSgt Hamm (about 5'5" and dangerous as a cobra)
    Cpl Crumpler (big ol' boy and kick your butt any ol' day - not much older than us)

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    Semper Fi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Contender1994 View Post
    Semper Fi
    M.C.R.D. Parris Island , S.C.

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    MCRD Parris Island - July '69 - Platoon 3017 Went through with two brothers, the youngest was platoon Honor Man. He retired Sgt Maj.

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    Platoon 279 MCRD Parris Island SC

    Best decision I ever made and a better man for it. Glad I did it.

    9/63 - 12/63
    SSGT Kahrer
    Sgt Eggers

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    Platoon 1064 MCRD SanDiego

    Platoon 1064 MCRD San Diego 1969 Lived in the Quonset huts.

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    Don't forget to join the Social Groups Created for Both Recruit Depots.

    Scroll to the bottom off the page and click on " Social Groups ".

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    Shared D.I,s

    I am John Lawson 1639--- Plt 2039 Sept-Dec 1956 to say that S/sgt Lesser and cpl Russell plus a couple of others were our D.I. ? Did Russell pull the con for money right before grad day because of his girlfriend was PG?

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    Mcrd SD PLT 1082
    Graduated Nov 20,1991


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