Honestly I was a girl that was in shape growing up but I was not a hardcore runner and rarely do I have to watch Marine Corps videos and run to cadence to motivate myself to just "DO IT", as would nike say. (Even though I hate running in nike shoes...I'm an Asics/Brooks girl) But I found this app on my phone that I know has been out for awhile but figured if I introduced it to others it makes running seem more like a game while improving. The app is called Nike+Running and don't worry it's free. I say it can be a game for all members on this site because:

-Once you register, I just registered with my fb, then you can add friends who also have the app.

-The app not only fuses with your playlist on the phone but it also calculates ingeniously and tells you every time your speed drops or escalates. Afterwards compares your times to previous runs and compares your time with your friends.

-Once friends are added there is something called NikeFuel where on every run you gain points tallied up as fuel after the run and it depends on how far and how often you run periodically. These points you can compare to your friends added. So instead of just running it's like you are also trying to beat your friends records and points too which also are seen as achievements. Ex. I got 2,000 more points of Nike fuel from running than my fiance so he is ****ed and that made him get out to run more and "try" to beat me.

But anyway I thought it would be interesting to start this. This in my opinion is an awesome app for poolees, because it shows a chart of your rises and falls of your speed during the run and plus because it's fun (Poolees need to run ALOT anyway to get a better ship date. Why not make it a game to see your progression)

If you do download the app add me I'm Kwenela Brooks. Also, if you download it let us know your name in this post so we can get this competition started!!!! Happy running

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