How often do linguists work outside of their language?
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    How often do linguists work outside of their language?

    Ok so they put on my orders that I got Arabic and when I get to dli they switch it up on me and give me Korean. I've been told that linguists do do field intelligence collection or something like that if they aren't working in their own language. I'd like to do something more meaningful and actually contribute to the GWOT(yes i know the Corps doesn't care what I want), am I surely doomed to a career of Korean deployments?

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    Well no not really my last unit was radio bn . im not a linguist but that's a linguist bn . the marine corps may deploy you anywhere and use your annalist skills . as far as using the language your assigned yes youll be doing a lot of stuff relating to Korea . but the way things look that wont be to bad . and even if you got Arabic it wouldn't have been to much different afghans speak dari and Pashtu not Arabic .

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