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    Lat moved to 0341

    Alright guys i just re enlisted and lat moved to 0341 . my original mos was 3051 supply . I hated my job and ive been shafted out of 3 deployments 2 because there were more senior guys and the last one because i was re enlisting but lat moving . i wasnt picky at what mos i got i literally picked every 03 mos i could fit on the paperwork . im trying to get more information on the mos and maybe someone in the area to help me out with learning some stuff before i go to itb . i was with 2nd lar for a little but never got a chance to work with any guys to learn more about the 03 field . im pretty excited i got a weapons mos so if there are any 41's willing to help out i would appreciate it or even any 03's in general that can help me start learning the basics . im a cpl and i know once i get to my unit there not gonna wanna waste time trying to have to teach me everything and i dont wanna waste there time so im trying to start now .

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    well you got no mos creditability as a grunt, so you gotta build from ground up bro. We got a prior admin dude, a SGT, he had a rough time. But that was him, case to case basis.

    just a FYI being prior pog you need to be **** hot with 03 knowledge, but also humble enough to know and learn your place in a PLT/etc.

    welcome to the grunt corps...

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    any chance your a 41 im trying to learn as much as i can now . and yeah im pretty humble ima cpl but not the jackass type . so im not here to take peoples places or promotion spots no where close to sgt get a cutting score in feb . i know a guy who lat moved to 31 he seems to be doing good but he started learning beffore itb and by time he was done knew enough to have a easier transition .

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    There are two systems. Both are indirect and fun to shoot.

    60mm and 81mm (120mm goes to Arty)

    The 60s and 81s are in Victor units aka line. Those are 2/7, 1/6, 3/3 etc. They are ONLY ground mount.

    81s are ONLY in LAR units where you shoot from LAV and ground mount

    You will go to school at ITB where you will first pass the 0311 MOS then go on to ITB Weapons Company for 0341 training.

    The system has bipod, tube, base plate, sight, sight post 8 of them.

    We use mils instead of degrees for azimuth but learning both does help.

    Degrees 360, Mils 6400 both mean the same.

    We use the compass, Aiming circle -M2 and M2 compass.

    The aiming circle and M2 compass are the same but aiming circle is more detailed and has a tripod, M2 compass looks like a regular compass but more detailed( bubble level etc).

    Plotting board is a big round board that FCD (Fire Direction Center) will use to see the battle from the F.O. (Forward Observer) eyes.

    The team Brains, Eyes, Muscle.

    Brain is the FDC, Eyes is the FO and Muscle is the gun crew.

    Gun crew is Gunner, Assistant Gunner and Ammo man (men).

    Gunner has control over the system.

    Misfire, poor data, wrong ammo, etc, It is his responsibility to know what is going on.

    Will fill in more but need to attend to a medical appt.

    If any other "41s can fill in or finish, please do.


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    just sent you a p.m. , you can message me for any questions

    Semper Fi

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    thanks guys I appreciate all the help . I was doing a lot of work with a 31 because I thought that's what I was gonna get but instead I got 41 so im starting all over I can see im going to need to work on land nav and map reading a lot .

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    I am a 0311 along with 1371 welcome to the grunt brotherhood you will get teased because of being prior supply but everything will all go away as you get more knowledge in your mos i would say learn as much ad you can and whenever they need someone you step up and help and do more so they notice you and put some grunts to shame who have already been in the unit awhile because they are lazy yea some ppl probally will say your kissing ass but you will find your place my personal experience with the 0341's they got along well and were close since they do gun line drills mostly you wont have to cram as much knowledge as say a 51 who has to do the smaw and demo ect just keep your head up the transition wont be so bad and with your rank you wont have to wprry about to many because most of the rank is lcp and the sgts ect should be mature and helpful ect

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