New Enlistment Criteria as posted by the Secretary of Defense
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    Post New Enlistment Criteria as posted by the Secretary of Defense

    Not to let the proverbial cat out of the bag, i need a Marine to contact me who is either a recruiter or friends with a recruiter, if they could verify the information i possess. Please PM me and that way i do not give all the Marines on this board a headache over new enlistment criteria.whether or not it affects the Marine Corps. Thank you for your time.

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    how about you just go to your local recruiter and ask instead of wasting our time here over some top secret new enlistment criteria you claim to possess

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    I live in a area where the nearest recruiter is 3 hours away.

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    Thank you for the replys but am still looking. Even a Senior Marine who is still in AD Component could help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbk1061 View Post
    Thank you for the replys but am still looking. Even a Senior Marine who is still in AD Component could help.
    If you posted the "secret" here on the forum,maybe someone could answer the question. If there has been a change in the criteria,there is an instruction online and availible to the public.

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    The " Secret " is already out...

    There are no " New Enlistment Criterias "
    only " New Re-Enlistment Criteria ".

    The U.S. Marine Corps recently introduced new re-enlistment procedures that officials say will help retain only the most qualified Marines while still meeting manpower requirements.

    “New re-enlistment procedures will affect fiscal year 2012 first-term alignment plan Marines and any Marines after FY12,” said Gunnery Sgt. Jimmy Spence, career planner for Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron. “The new procedures are scheduled to begin in June.”

    The first step is to expand the re-enlistment submission time frame to 90 days beginning July 1 and ending Sept. 30. This will allow a greater opportunity for Marines to submit for re-enlistment.

    After a Marine turns in the package, the next step is the commander’s evaluation. A four-tiered system will replace the traditional evaluation:

    • Tier one — Eminently Qualified Marine: These Marines go above and beyond what is expected. They can complete assignments in an accurate and timely manner, including difficult or unusual assignments.

    • Tier two — Highly Competitive Marine: These Marines do excellent work but may need help with extremely difficult or unusual assignments.

    • Tier three — Competitive Marine: This Marine can complete regular tasks thoroughly.

    • Tier four — Below Average Marine: Marines may or may not meet minimum standards.

    “The tiers will allow Marines to be evaluated more in depth on everything including how effectively they can execute assignments,” said Spence.

    Once the tiers are evaluated, determination of targeted re-enlistment begins. The goal is to identify Marines who are possibly over-qualified for their current military occupational specialty. They could be offered a lateral move to a highly technical MOS the Marine Corps may have problems filling.

    The final step is quality Marine identification, which allows commanding generals to request qualified Marines to go above personnel capacity for the Marine Corps. These requests are then processed through Headquarters Marine Corps the same way as any other waiver.

    “The most important change is the fact that commanding generals can now request a waiver to go above boatspace. Before, if the boatspace was full, it was full,” said Spence. “Now, if you are a great Marine, you are given that chance.”

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    U.S. Department of Defense
    Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)
    News Release DODc-small.gif

    June 28, 2012

    DOD Updates Enlistment Priority for Certain Education Credentials

    The Department of Defense announced today that eligible students with diplomas from home schools, virtual/distance learning and adult/alternative schools, who score 50 or above on the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT), will now receive Tier 1 enlistment priority.

    The policy change implements the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act requirement. Previously, many of these graduates received Tier 2 enlistment priority.

    The purpose of the DoD education credential policy is to predict adaptation to the military and successful completion of military service. The education credential tiers were initially developed more than 30 years ago, based on first-term attrition rates associated with various education credential types. Because Tier 1 graduates are more likely to complete their first term of enlistment, department benchmarks require that at least 90 percent of recruits enlisting possess a Tier 1 credential.

    While numerous studies have shown education credential source or type as a predictor of first-term attrition, aptitude, as measured by the AFQT, also predicts attrition behavior. Those with diplomas from home schools, virtual/distance learning and adult/alternative schools who score above 50 on the AFQT have similar attrition to traditional high school graduates.

    “It’s important for everyone interested in joining the military to understand that the current competitive recruiting environment, high retention, and force reductions, have impacted the number of positions available to interested applicants,” said Lernes Hebert, acting director of accession policy. “High demand has also affected the waiting time to enter the military. On average, a typical recruit is now entering the military eight or nine months after his or her initial visit with a recruiter.”

    All applicants for military service, regardless of credential type, must also meet a variety of other enlistment standards - including aptitude, medical, and conduct standards.

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    Does this mean that i am now eligible with a ged and my score of 54 on the AFQT to join the Marine Corps ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbk1061 View Post
    Does this mean that i am now eligible with a ged and my score of 54 on the AFQT to join the Marine Corps ?
    No, you still need 15 college credit hours at 100 level or higher to qualify as a Tier One candidate. A GED does not come under that new policy.

    The Corps takes very, very few Tier Two candidates and you'd need a much higher ASVAB than 54 for the recruiter to even think about trying to push your education waiver through. Tier One candidates are lined up out the doors trying to get into a branch that is downsizing.

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    Adult/Alternative school is referring to the GED. Thank you for the fast reply.

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    Young man, the best answers you're going to get is for you to go and talk with a recruiter face-to-face, not over the phone. He/she will be able to give you the most to date and accurate info on this.

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    Thank You i ask that this thread be closed and deleted to prevent any mis-information thank you for all the fast replies.

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    Thread closed at OP request.
    I'm not going to delete thread just yet, there is some helpful info here for others who want to join with a GED.

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