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    I just graduated yesterday and I lost around 15 pounds as well. You can expect to lose alot of weight the first month or so because you usually PT at least two or three times a week but after that you should watch what you eat in the chowhall because we PT'd maybe 4 times after we got to the Rifle Range.

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    Wow! Times have changed. When I went through in 85 we PT'd almost everyday and it didn't get any easier after Mess duty.

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    Wow! Times have changed. When I went through in 85 we PT'd almost everyday and it didn't get any easier after Mess duty.
    Likewise in 1974. PT'ed daily at Edson Range (indoors & outdoors)& frequently in "Happy Valley". (Our Drill Instructors called the ravine & inclined dirt trail behind the recruit squadbays at Edson Range, "Happy Valley".)

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    in 68 i went in at san de at 199 lbs and 6ft 1in. i graduated at 199 lbs. left three di very mad. no two bodies are the same. semper fi

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    When I went in I was about 185 or so left at 150 dropped alot however I was mostly muscle so it hurt me more than some. if you just look border line fat then watch out or here comes the diet private stigma all over you any one know if the still make the diet privates stand out like they use to ??? if you have been there you know what I mean

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    I dont know how the other platoons worked but I know my platoon didnt treat anyone different no matter what they looked like unless the DI's did it as a joke closer to the end. It didnt matter how big or small the recruits were no one had a diet tray or double rats.

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    We had a couple recruits on diet trays, probably 5. These recruits, as the platoon stepped outboard (like the parting of the Red Sea), run up the middle as fast as they could to the front of the platoon in 5 seconds. If they didn't make it, the platoon came back together, crushed the unlucky recruits that didn't do it, and we did it again. Diet trays usually ate chow first, and had to tell the chow workers they were Diet Trays to get special food...usually just whatever was healthier on the line. Other than that, they were treated the same. I had a friend who was a diet tray, and he would eat as much fruit and salad as he could, because he said they never gave him enough. He said that he did experience some strenght loss, but it picked back up....EVERYBODY experiences some strength loss...its part of the process. Just remember that you get out what you put in. Just take it one day at a time. I hope this helps.


    PS I graduated Aug. 15 03, and we hardly Pt'd A.) at the Range (we only had a four day fire week, and if I recall correctly, a 4 day Grass week, due to the Fourth of July and also an Inchon Range Command Change), or there after.

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    In '56, I went in at 5-7, 118 and graduated three months later at 5-10, 155. Never even realzed I'd grown because my waist size stayed at 28 inches.

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    when i went in i weighed in at about 276 and was 6-4 had to get a weight waiver for body fat percentage at only 9% i was good to go. after boot unable to do any real weight training i graduated at a solid 265 and even lower body fat.

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