Background check,security clearance,and others..
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    Background check,security clearance,and others..

    Ok,so I've wanted to be in the Marines almost all of my life,but there's a few things that are bothering me about whether I will be accepted or not,I want to join and do infantry,and then hopefully force recon,I've never had any legal problems,not even a speeding ticket or anything,but the thing that worries me is my neighbors hate me,and we are constantly arguing,and I'm afraid that in a background check or security clearance they would find some terrible things to say.Do you think I could still get in?
    Also,I hurt my back playing soccer when I was about 16,I had to get x-rays but they just gave me some pain pills and said I stretched some muscles,this wouldn't give me any trouble getting in would it?
    I know this is alot,but thanks for anyone who can answers.

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    Your neighbors hating you will not disqualify you from the Marine Corps, or from a secret clearance. If you do not have any long term effects from your back injury, then the injury would not disqualify you from joining the Marine Corps. If you really want to be a Marine, you should talk to your local recruiter; be honest with him, and he will guide you through the process necessary to earn the title.

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