Was hoping to track down my grandfathers service record?
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    Was hoping to track down my grandfathers service record?

    Hello! If anyone can help me or direct me to a site? His name is Thomas Hodge Thompson service number 606089 Staff Sargent. Served from aug8 1946- 1951... Any good sites that you can recommend that would include unit, hospital, or any other info would be great. He passed in 1990 and I was to young to grab a pencil and record anything but the few stories that exist only from memory. I have tried the family route for info, but It makes me sick how the rest of my family does not care to remember such accomplishments of a great man.

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    Complete your profile and I guarantee response.

    We prefer to know who we are talking to just a little better than a name.

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    Write to the Adjtuant General Office of the State he resided while enlisted/drafted for a summary of war service-Definately World war I and WOrld War II
    Dont know about Korea conflict

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