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    Boot camp

    I was wondering what kind of classes you take at boot camp

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    well when i went through boot camp, it was classes on your rifle (M-14 for me), map reading, military customs and courtesies, primary first aid,, swimming, with full gear, basic combat, we did testing for Morse code, things like that...

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    Hey thewrestler132 -- is this a trick question?

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    Was there any math classes and no this not a trick question

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    Quote Originally Posted by thewrestler132 View Post
    Was there any math classes and no this not a trick question
    Math classes. You are wondering if there are math classes at Marine Corps bootcamp?

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    Its Boot Camp not high school...
    You will get courses in MC history, weapons, maps,etc etc etc....

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    Wookie, no screaming eagles!

    When I went, we had Cake Decorating 101 and Yard Maintenance 205.

    But assuming this is a serious question, there are too many "classes" to list, but let me help you with this link:

    Specifically, go to the link Basic Training - Marine Corps- U.S. Marines and others.

    Also, this link will have a multitude of information:

    Lastly, search this website like crazy. Boot Camp is covered ad nauseam.

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    I was just wondering because I dislike math

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    Okay. Check out the links. It'll tell you what the training is like.

    Go see a recruiter. He/she will give you more information.

    There are math skills in certain situations that are involved, but don't worry, you won't be taking any trig or algebra II classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thewrestler132 View Post
    I was just wondering because I dislike math
    How about Grammar? Do you dislike that, too?

    Don't worry, I'm just busting your chops.

    Just be able to do the math when it comes to knowing where your DI's are. There will be four or five of them, that is four or five fingers for those counting at home - any way, those four or five DI's will be everywhere, and teach you everything you need to know to be a US Marine. You have to know some basic math, but not much. If you can pass HS math you'll do alright.

    Wait till you get to the range and they tell you to fill 4 28 round magazines. Whoah!

    Just kidding. Good luck.

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    This is a funny thread.

    @wrestler: What's wrong? You can't add? Don't worry. They won't make you add in boot camp. There is a Personal Finance course you can take later, but it doesn't sound like you'd be up for that one.

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    I can add I just hate math and thanks for answering my question

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    Question Answered, then.

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