Is it Malaria or PTSD causing the problems
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    Cool Is it Malaria or PTSD causing the problems

    VeteranIssues] is it Malaria or PTSD causing the problems

    Veterans of Southeast Asia......

    If you have not been tested for malaria by the VA it is highly suggested that you do so immediately. If your VA doctor hesitates or balks at the suggestion, insist that a test for malaria be done. A trip to see the Medical Center's VA "patient representative" might be necessary to convince your doctor to comply.

    Subject: Falciparum Malaria and PTSD

    The following two links will take you to sites that contain information relating to one strain of malaria we encountered in Vietnam (Falciparum Malaria) and PTSD. I know that this is the strain I had while there and so now I'm wondering about my PTSD symptoms. Is it totally PTSD or is Falciparum Malaria at work here also.



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    What if you didn't show an symptoms of any type of Malaria?
    In Vietnam or when you came home.
    Many of us had/or still have nightmares, anger, and rage.
    With medications and counseling, I been able to control the anger and rage.
    Nightmares or dreams come when least expected.
    It was worst when I was drinking.
    When I came home, there wasn't a soul that I could discuss my anger and rage to.
    Anger and rage dued to the stupidity of how we were expect to fight an enemy that knew no borders.
    We could take the fight to them up north.
    Then "Rules of Engagement" one being "You could not fire unless fired on" and then going into some ville that they said was pacified.
    We were told to clear the weapon and place it on safe.
    Some said xxck that!
    What a way to fight a war!
    Than all the death, that I faced, a person wanted to scream but being in a position of leadership made that impossible.
    These were facts that I had to come to terms with on my road to recovery.
    The Ricardo of this board isn't the Ricardo of 1968 till the late 1990.

    Semper Fidelis

    PS Never asked the government a nickle for what ail me.

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