Question about switching MOS before bootcamp
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    Question about my MOS

    So today I have initialed and signed the paper for my MOS.
    CC Supply and Accounting. (MOS I did not want).
    The MOS I wanted was the 03xx infantry.
    I leave for bootcamp, may 29th.

    The question is, am I allowed to switch my MOS to infantry?
    My recruiter is telling me that the infantry MOS is full but he will try to get me into infantry.

    How about filling out more of your profile besides a first and last rules, which can be found in the poolee and Ask A Marine forums.

    If you didnt want the MOS, then why did you sign the contract?

    The irony is that very soon, very few will be becoming "The Few". Then the MOS will be very unimportant, since the Corps will be downsizing and these openings will be closing up

    Better switch it before you go but you can also shoot yourself in the foot by being picky in a market where you're really not needed. I took a MOS I really did not want but I researched I a lot before I went with it.

    A couple Marines in my platoon during boot changed their MOS some how. It was during 3rd phase though and they talked to our SDI about it.

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